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Apr 7, 2014 in News


Something that started as a thought at the bus stop in 2007 is more relevant than ever.

The Saucon Valley Foundation for Educational Innovation’s  initial Small Grants program, which still operates today, has awarded nearly 100 grants and $100,000. Think of the number of our Saucon Valley students that have benefited from these innovative classroom projects; projects that might not have happened without our help.

The Environmental Education Center is poised to begin Phase 1 with the creation of the pathway (and signage) throughout the site. This will be an exciting outdoor classroom which will provide an enhanced learning environment for our students. We’ll start with pavilions and bird blinds and add more features over the next few years.

From a collaborative brainstorming session with administrators and teachers last year, the 21st Century Excellence program was begun. A large group of us met last year to discuss potential opportunities to make an even greater long-term impact on our district. Career/College readiness, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math programs) and Communication/Writing resonated with us and are now the focus of discussion with our administrators. For our pilot program, we funded visits by authors and speakers at each of the schools to highlight Literacy Week last month.

I write to remind you of what we’ve accomplished, and what we will continue to do. I also write to ask for your help IN ANY CAPACITY as we look to the future of the Foundation. We are a volunteer organization and we are always looking for new faces and fresh ideas. We are asking for your time, your energy and your expertise. We must reach out to our friends and neighbors and find those who would like to volunteer to help our students as they prepare for life in a challenging world.

Lora Guito


April  2014


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